Can (chin) Schumi pull off an 8th World Championship?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bugsy, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. Not since Jimmy Hill managed to neck eight (that's 8!) Guinnei (that's the plural of "Guiness", for those not in the know) in a row, has the outcome of a World Championship gone so straight to the wire.

    Alonso and Schumacher are bitter rivals and both want this win. But what are they willing to risk to achieve it?

    Alonso: "When ai sink av all za taimes I 'ad tryin' to make up nombas, an' 'ow dis 'elp me inna scroom when I was trippin' up da odders, I t'ink we 'ave a real good team an' I t'ink I 'ave lace up my 'elmet in da correct way to make me look good for de fotografiers 'oo wanna document me!"

    Schumacher: "It iz orwayz difficult to say the outcome of a touris' trip beetween aye and bee an' orl place in za middle, but whottevva happen, we will no zat byegones will be bygones on ze banks of ze Zambusi an' ze bes' win will man!"

    So there we have it, folks, two heroes with completely different, but compelling and definite, opinions about the result of the last race in the season.

    We can only hold our breath and hope that the best wan mins! Stay chooned!

  2. The answer is NO!
  3. Lots of talk about Schumi's brilliance. There was a insert in the TV where they played the radio conversation between one of the Williams drivers and his pit crew. They remotely measured suspension loadings and, I think, adjusted something. There is also the real life lotto tactics regarding when pit stops are taken and the safety car sagas which brings race positions back to all bunched up.
    Just where did Stewart, Moss, Nikki, Hill senior or even Boring Barry Mansell have these resources? Car design and development was also a long way behind. My car has more technical bits than a full-blown 1965 F1 car.
    Certainly, MS is a fantastic driver. Cold blooded when someone needs to be shoved out of the way - ironic really if his puncture was due to the shunt - and he was a total master in the rain. Best driver ever? No. Best driver of his decade - gets my vote.
  4. Boremula 1 is shite. Chinny is a nob. So is Alonso. Warch the MotoGP from Valencia next week if you want to see some proper racing
  5. 8) spot on post! gona be a korker!