Can British Soldiers wear US Army Medals if awarded?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Nomad1066, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. If a British Army Soldier is awarded a US Army Medal, can he wear it with his UK issued medals.
    If so, what are the rules & protocol for getting official authorisation to do so? And how and where should this medal be worn?

    The reason I ask is because I was awarded the US Army Commendation Medal in 2003 during a joint operation with a US Army Unit in Iraq.
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    If you are still serving, almost certainly not. But check with your CoC.

    If Ex, then some people wear foreign awards on the right.

    Edit: someone more up-to-date should be able to give you chapter and verse though.
  3. I agree. I know several UK troops who have been awarded US medals, mostly for life saving (ie giving CPR etc), and not one of them has been allowed to wear the medal in uniform.
  4. Wasn't it fathers/grandfathers medals on the right side? Or was that inside the jacket so no-one sees?

    I remember being told something by one of the sweats about this (did make me wonder how they work it, since we've a WWI VC in the family but I could never feel right wearing that on display), can't for the life of me remember the intricacies of it now tho! Was probably all just recycled rumour and hearsay anyway :silent:
  5. Now there's a good idea, if they won't give us an NDM, we'll get some medals off the Yanks. They've always got plenty.
    A Walting we will go tra la. :wink:
  6. When a Foreign Medal is awarded, the FCO Office issue 'permissions' from HM Liz regarding wear.

    They are

    1. Unrestricted permission to wear - Means the recipient can wear it all the time. You will see soldiers with the US Bronze Star for example, OMANI medals and medals from Brunei.

    2. Restricted permission - normally relates to functions or service within the Country of origin. i.e. They can wear it on certain occasions only.

    3. No permission to wear - Keepsake only e.g. Kuwait and Saudi Liberation Medals (only a handful of very senior Officers got permission to wear the Saudi medal), NATO ISAF etc etc.

    Awarded after the recipient finishes service in HM Forces. For example the Pingat Jasa Medal (PJM). No permission to wear has been granted, but the PJM campaign found a loophole in regs whereby it states that the regs do not apply to medals awarded after the subject has ceased to be serving. Have a look at their website for chapter and verse but this is what it says:-

    [It is important to note that this part of the advice is unequivocal] Holders of the PJM are entitled to wear it by virtue of the 3 May 1968 notice. Most significantly it the Ministerial Statement ignores the London Gazette Notice of 3 May 1968 which states that the Queen has, in exercise of the Prerogative, approved that Orders, Decorations and Medals conferred with her permission on UK citizens who are not Crown servants by Commonwealth or foreign states may in all cases be worn by the recipients without restriction. Consent having been granted to applications for the PJM on 31 Jan 06, any holder who is not a military or civil servant, is thus entitled to wear it. No formal consent for civilians to wear was necessary since that consent was granted in 1968.

    Fight 4 the PJM Website

    So, YES, under certain circumstances British personnel can wear foreign medals.

    MM :D
  7. Tankie2ndrtr

    Tankie2ndrtr Old-Salt Reviewer

    We have a SGT that was awarded a Bronze star and is allowed to wear it :)
  8. There's a Lt Col in the Rifles who legitimately wears an American Bronze Star.
  9. I take it you two didn't read mittmayos post.
  10. Indeed,... I seem to recall that except for Senior Officers who for "political" reasons get to be allowed to wear things like the Legion of Merit, the rule of thumb tends to be to allow Gallantry Decorations (like the Bronze Star), but there is no guarantee on even these.

    So, you have to ask The Queen.
  11. The Bronze Star is the lowest award allowed to wear in British Uniform.

    Enquiries about the wearing of decorations (United Kingdom, Commonwealth, Foreign or International
    Organisations’) for gallantry or for meritorious service, in an operational theatre or otherwise, should be directed
    to Service Secretaries’ staff. The Ministry of Defence Medal Office will answer queries on ‘campaign’ or similar
  12. The Bronze Start may be the lowest gallantry award allowed, but meritorious medals (equivalent to our QCVS or MBE) are normally allowed. We have a serving officer in our bn who wears his (US) Meritorious Service Medal.

    If you do not ask you do not get!

  13. It is highly unusual for a US MSM to be granted official permission to wear.
  14. I got my award in Fort Drum. Survived a night on the lash with 10th Mountain Div and fought through several seedy lapdancing bars in Buffalo! Don't like to talk about it
  15. Good to hear this gallant soldier is correctly recognised.