Can Britain survive 24 hour drink laws?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by far2young2die, Jan 12, 2005.

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  1. Yes - but at least the Chavs might drink themselves to death

  2. No - we are all well capable of deciding when we have had enough

  1. If an individual is going to drink themselves to the state which causes trouble then surely it is better for them to be able to do that over a long period rather than in two to three hours?
    And not having folk turning out of the pubs bleezing all at the same time has surely got to cut down on violence?
    I think it would be a good thing.
  2. I think initially, we will be knee deep in puke and blood. But it's like everything else, once the novelty factor is gone, we will return to normal.
    Most of europe has 24 hrs drinking laws, and you don't tend to get the 11.30 punch ups after 4 hours power drinking like we do in the UK.

    Bring it on. :roll:
  3. If squaddies can handle the drinking laws in Germany and we are pretty dodgy bunch, then perhaps there is hope for the UK after all :?
  4. Yes, if they could it would be fine, but my experience is that many can't.

    My own view is that the British - after several hundred years of relative political and social stability - have reached a very singular state of both sophistication and degeneracy, and we now seem bent on our self-destruction. This will help to hasten that.
  5. I think that the staggering of kicking out times has been given the kybosh - God knows why.

    My own view is that you can only drink for as long as your money lasts anyway, so if you are out at 8 with £20 you ain't gonna be still drinking at 2 in the morning. They may need to look hard at Happy Hours etc. Don't think we are going to turn into cafe loitering euros though!
  6. It won't be 24 hr drinking anyway. People have lives and most need to be up in the morning. At weekends a few clubs might deem it worthwhile to stay open until 4, but most pubs will still close about midnight as it won't be worth paying the staff to be there through the wee hours to serve half a dozen hardcore drinkers.

    Anything that stops 2000 pissheads all fighting for a dozen taxis has got to be a good thing.
  7. I remember my drinking days in HK, 24 hour bars there....christ was that fun! Might have to give it a go now.....mind I was 16 years younger and my liver was in better shape then :oops:
  8. Enabling 24 hour drinking may be painful at first until the less experienced amongst us realise that going to bed at 4 or 5 in the morning is incompatable with starting work early the next day. The situation will level itself out due the effects of market forces after a short transition period (no-one is going to stay open if there are insuffiecient customers to warrant the cost of remaining open).

    The main advantage will be that the licence holders for each establishment will be able to determine a suitable chucking out time in co-operation with the local police. This way the police can 'assist' the licencee with staggering when they close and so will be able to engineer potential trouble spots to their advantage rather than being the reactionary force they are at present.
  9. Have the "anti's" looked at statistics of drunken violence in countries that do have 24 hour drinking?

    Only having lived and worked in countries with 24 hour opening, I am hard pushed to remember any scenes of drunken brawling come 11.00 as the norm.

    Yes I have seen alcohol fuelled violence in Germany , after the Koln vs Munchen match , and an incident in Gutersloh , but apart from that , I can't remember any others.

    Is it because the continental drinkers are far more sophisticated than their British counterparts?

    Or is it because French and German cops carry Guns, have large dogs and an attitude that beggars belief when it comes to addressing drunken loutish behaviour. Let's face it, the Polizei ain't shy when it comes to a little summary "street justice" 8O

    I've seen Alcohol fulled boxies out in Frankfurt, Koln and Hannover , and all they are having is a really good time.

    As for Berlin - Oh my God 8O
  10. Do you not thing "Staggered" closing times will just end up, with everyone congregating in the last open pub !, and then proceding to have a rumble, until the novelty wears off anyway :?:
  11. This will be mostly bad.

    At the moment, at 2am-ish, the unwashed hordes are disgorged onto the city centre streets when nightclubs shut down. Consequently there is a window of drunkenness between 2am and 4am, when the kebabs kick in and the body starts demanding sleep. This is presumably manageable (ish) from a police perspective.

    This window will now be stretched out much longer. Wayne and Sharon will now be able to go out later and drink later. The cheapness of alcohol means that money will not run out and there are other sources of income to fund a drunken lifestyle, such as robbing and dealing drugs, as well as the good old DSS.
  12. The quote is from the (partisan) Daily Mail - so I'm not sure what is true. But if they don't stagger the kickout times it would be - as stated above - just shifting everyone to the last open pub. And are taxi drivers etc going to work that late?
  13. Its been donein the isle of man for quite while now and its working well.
    the police like it , the public like it, taxi drivers like it.
    and it has been done on the contenent for years.
    i have no problems with it
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    24 hours to get pi$$ed and lary!:roll: The Europeans manage it quite well but the chavs who try it in Ibiza fail miserablly!