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  1. Can anyone tell me what exactly this is, what era? cap badge is RASC but why the colour in centre of badge? is badge metal?

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  2. 60/70s side hat
  3. So, not WW2?
  4. I think they were all the same colour back then Kakhi, the different colours came in later, ours , 17/21 Lancer were almost the same as the RCT
  5. there were dress caps in WW2 I'm just trying to find out if any RASC chaps were on this forum and perhaps they could tell me if cap is RASC and is it WW2?
    Our Regiment, Queens Bays had dress caps but only early in war with light blue centre, see pic.(1941)
    Bays and 9th.Lancers to my knowledge throughout WW2 wore kahki forage caps, did not wear beret until 46.

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  6. I've seen and had RASC WW2 KC cap badges but never with a coloured/enameled? centre.
    It is on ebay as WW2, I think it's a little dodgy! :?
  7. If the RASC was anything like its successors then Officers and WO1's capbadges had/have coloured enamel.
  8. It's an officers cap badge, post war, but pre 53. The hat looks very similar to one my old man wore as an RCT Officer in the 80's, hard to tell without looking closer.

    The buttons look brass, which would make it the same period as the cap badge.
  9. The cap and badge were recently purchased on ebay, billed as WW2 RASC cap and badge, bought price was £27.