Can anyone throw some Light" on this photo

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by old_bloke, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. What is the badge on the right wrist- if the photo is the real way around?


    I thought "they" did not carry weapons?
  2. "They"???

    Isn't that a field version of the WO2 wristband? Showing my ignorance here, feel free to correct me using derrogarty terms
  3. It's a desert wristlet for a WO2.
  4. yes that is a WO2 wristband and 'they' do carry weapons, even nurse WO2s!!
  5. CSM/SSM Wristband

    Which side of your A2 is the cocking lever?? :D
  6. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    Not only padre's carry crosses . . . :wink:

    Edited to add that I'm an idiot and when have I ever seen a WO2 padre :oops:
  7. Thanks .

    (never touched or seen an A2 in the real world but must admit Im tw*t not to see it).
  8. They have the hands of a child,,,Cadets some where
  9. I do not think so, Cadets probably do not know about the trick of threading your dogtag chain through green medical oxygen tubing to stop it from rubbing your neck. So it is more than likely a regular in the picture, definitely posed for. Could have een an entry into the Army photo competition maybe.
  10. Also he is sat on some sort of bench, possibly a garden type.
  11. Is that Sedge Grass in the background?
  12. Heres the site where it came from, Italian I believe, agreed its probably posed but the subject does have the tan lines under wrist band, and that is some attention to detail putting dogtags on. Were those dessies issued for Telic?

    Old bloke :) I was only pulling your chain :)
  13. Is he after divine intervention in case of a stoppage?