Can anyone tell me the typical day of an Artillery Officer? (Serious replies only)

As part of my prep for my upcoming AOSB Scholarship board I've been researching the RA- Can anyone tell me the typical day of a junior Royal Artillery Officer, and what responsbilities a 2Lt/Lt may have (e.g do they still command a platoon like infantry, or do they command a gun?)

Probably near the truth !!

This will be a little out of date but happy to be corrected by younger & wiser heads!

As a 2Lt/Lt in the RA, you'll start as a Troop Commander with a Troop of guns to manage and will work as the CPO - the Command Post Officer, who receives the call for fire, calculates the firing date with his/her CP and controls the guns. A little later on you could also work as the BRO - Battery Reconnaissance Officer responsible for siting guns in your allotted area.

A typical day depends on where you are and what you are doing. Assuming you are not on exercise, pre-deployment training or any other 'funnies', you day could consist of any of the following:
- PT
- Checking vehicle docs
- Checking/updating P files
- Dealing with any welfare/discipline issues that have come up
- Writing range letters/training programmes
- Running or taking part in training
- Morning coffee
- Kit inspections
- Preparing range traces if you have a firing day
- Any short-notice task you BC/BK/Adjt need you to do

I'll not comment on a "typical" operational day as there will be people far more competent and qualified that I that can comment. But if you are in camp, it's fair to assume that admin will take up a pretty good chunk of your day.

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