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Can anyone tell me approx volumes of fuels used in Afghan?

I know it's random and highly boring, but looking for an answer all the same.

split diesels/gasolines/Jet (JP's)/other Kero's

it's a long shot but someone might know. Also, any idea what we use Premium burning oil for out there apart from it's obvious use??


I think you will find that the people in the know about that sort of thing may be a bit twitchy about publishing it on an open forum. Your best bet would be to contact someone at PJHQ or Log Sp Branch in theatre.

I know exactly what your asking for as its my line of work having just got back from Theatre. But as you seem to know where to look, why are you asking in a public forum. But if you want total fuel used by NATO dont bother with DFG, it will then only give you the answer in UK specific terms. What i can say publicly is the whole fuel supply is contractor operated (at the moment Supreme Fuels) this includes majority of US FOB's, and main areas such as BASTION and KAF. THere are some UK Mil fuel installations but not many. If you have a valid reason, then Supreme could tell you, their Middle East headquarters is Dubai, if you want to try them.
As for "Premium burning oil"?? We dont use it if your on about FFO type oils.

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