Can anyone tell me anything about this thermal imager?

This is my first post on here, so please be gentle with me...

I recently bought an ex-military thermal imaging system from an MOD disposal auction via a surplus dealer. It finally arrived a couple of days ago on a courier van, so now I need to find out a bit more about it. I originally posted this request on my most-frequently haunted shooting website, and one of the forces lads on there suggested that I come over here and ask - I hope that's OK with you guys!

The label on the side gives the unit number and serial number, but the space for the NSN is blank. It's been suggested that this may mean that it was a prototype and that it was never put into service.

Here are some photos:

Left side:

Right side:

From the rear:

Top side:


I do a lot of fox shooting for local farmers (mostly protection of lambs and poultry). I already have a small TI - it's a Solo TI S2 Integrated, but if I can get this one going, I'd like to get it mounted on the roof of my Defender with a remote viewing screen inside so that I can scan larger areas.

The labels tell me that it's a 'Pilkington Optronics Imager Thermal Lite'.

What I'd like most is a copy of an operating manual, but in the absence of that, the main things I'd like to know are:

The pin-outs for the socket hidden behind the cover on the left side, just above the right-most pound coin.

What the three buttons on the lens assembly do. I assume they're focus and zoom?

What the TV output signal is - I assume it's either PAL or NTSC?

Once I've looked at it further I'll probably have more questions - but that's enough for now!

Any help would be most appreciated! :)


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Pilkington Optronics split into 2 parts - Thales Optronics in Glasgow and a small company in north Wales whose name escapes me. They're in a business park west of St Asaph. Try either of them - they'll both have a customer support section and if you ask nicely and on a good day they might help.
Optich technium possibly at st asaph business park
pilks packed up and f**ked off from st asaph, opTIC technium is a different sort of company quite highbrow, has been doing stuff with NASA.


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Pilk sold out to Thales, who decided to offload the st Asaph lot. They got bought by a private equity firm and renamed Qioptiq. The Optic Tech lot are a different company.
pilks packed up and f**ked off from st asaph, opTIC technium is a different sort of company quite highbrow, has been doing stuff with NASA.
What used to be the Pilkington factory has been razed to the ground.
Paddy SP,

Any chance you could post better pictures of the labels?

Contact the people you bought it from and ask them for the instruction manual.

Have we still got an "Army Scaling and Cataloguing Authority" ASCA. If we have, phone them up and ask for information.
Many thanks for your suggestion - unfortunately, the dealer I bought it from simply put in a tender on four of these units that the MOD Disposal Service was selling off. He only won one of them, and there was nothing in the way of documentation beyond invoices. I'm not familiar with ASCA - I'll look into it though! :)
Is this of any use? Might give an indication of the TV system:

The LITE family of hand-held thermal imagers is a development based upon stretched UK Class I Thermal Imaging Common Modules (TICM I). They operate in the 8 to 13 µm band and were designed to complement the company's existing range of imagers but have additional features that allow them to be employed in a wider variety of uses and applications such as sights for anti-tank and air defence missiles and guns.The detector consists of an array of CMT photoconductive elements which are cooled either by a Joule-Thomson cooler or by an integrated Stirling cycle microcooler. The user has a choice of direct or indirect viewing with display on a micromonitor or TV monitor to CCIR or RS-170 standard.A range of interchangeable telescopes can be fitted to all versions of the equipment and this includes a selection of single- and dual-field of view options. LITE imagers may be powered either by internal batteries or from a suitable remote power source.
Thales Optronics LITE (United Kingdom) - Jane's Electro-Optic Systems

More reading about RS-170 standard: RS-170 video signal

It suggests NTSC, but just possibly PAL.
Is this of any use? Might give an indication of the TV system:

It suggests NTSC, but just possibly PAL.
Many thanks for taking the time to post that for me - I'd already found it a week or so ago, and based on the likelihood that the signal was NTSC or a close variant, I bought a suitable 7" DVD player from Maplins this morning and it worked first time! :)
Tonight I asked a colleague who used to work at the site for Pilks. He suggests that you can write to Q Optics at the St asaph address quoting the serial numbers and ask them for any operating instructions they may still have.
Ahh a Spyglass, i have spent many years carrying that ****** with airbottles and batteries in the top of my bergan, if you have any questions just pm me.

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