Can anyone spot the massive error???

He actually bothered to get suited up for a bit of pipe that was about as likely to kill him as a passing eagle dropping a tortoise on his head?
Well guessing this is posted in an RLC thread, and the picture states Royal Engineer?

It was good to see the unit signs on the wall at Bessbrook Mill.

An RE EOD operator has worked in NI, but not High Threat and certainly not in 2003...
Isn't that the picture htye edit in a bloke with a paper bag, playing a 'prank'?


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But why would Logisticians do bomb disposal, surely that is an engineering function???????
5 Jan 2003 was a Sunday - why were kids in school on Sunday?

that's just wrong.
'Cos it says; "The children remained inside the school building while the bomb was defused." They found it on Wednesday afternoon.

Obvious, innit?

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