Can anyone speak Japanese?



I'll learn to speak Japanese when they learn to speak Engrish! "Derivery" my hoop.


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Hi all,

I have a Japanese flag here that I was wondering if anyone could translate the writing?

Taken from Japanese in Burma by my Grandfather.



The bold bit at the top talks about 0% finance and three years' free warranty.
I'm pretty sure it says "masturbatory absorbtion towel...aim for red circle"

Think your Grandfather has been carrying a japanese wank rag around mate
my japanese is about as good as mel gibsons 'scottish'


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Yeah, I speak Japanese. I'm a bit rusty but a rough translation goes...

"Probyns Horse. So where is your horse almond eyes? You will now surrender to superior... Whats that clanking noise? AARGH. Fuck. You bunch of cunts".
You need some one who can read Japanese, somebody who can speak it is about as much use as tits on a fish in this case. I can speak Cantonese, but I can't read it!

P.S Have asked one of my Tojo friends to translate it for me!


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Go to Tokyo. There are vending machines on their subway selling soiled linen. You might make a few quid.

ricer knicks.JPG


I've got a mate who reads Japanese, he spends a good amount of time over in Japan every year, I'll ask him to have a look at it.
"Can anyone speak Japanese?"

Err, the Japanese can. I hope this helps.
It would appear, with my somewhat limited Japanese, to be either names and/or ranks/titles of people. Perhaps the names of soldiers in a unit. I'll get my (Japanese) wife to take a look if you like?
It says:
"in the name of his impirwial Majesty Hirwohito, a clurse is laid on the round eyed theiving English dog who steals this flag. may his piles consume him and his children and may his children's children all be fucking bone woodentops!"

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