Can anyone spare a penny or three

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Airborne_Aircrew, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. The lad's taking his good fortune and trying to make it benefit others who deserve some...

    Click here to help out
  2. He's RAF Regiment, based in Germany? Where exactly? There have been no Regiment Squadrons based in Germany for years now.
    I wish him well of course, but why is this in the Naafi bar?
  3. Cos no-one reads E-Goat and Rocknet :D
  4. Cos he's trawling for cock?
  5. Oh you are a mis-informed sceptic.

    What about Rheindahlen or even Ramstein? Not all Rocks are on Sqns are they?
  6. Nice to have the lad criticised by a poof that posts shite like this. :roll:

    Go help the lad or shut up, you'll look like a fool... Never mind, too late.
  7. So anyone that can cook is a poof eh? How is life in 1954?

    I was only asking why you'd posted it in the Naafi bar. I didn't criticise the guy once, not sure if you noticed that. Clearly not.

    F*ck your donation, you rude old cnut.
  8. As an opening statement, (that really wasn't required in a post that is asking people to donate to H4H), you were accusatory at best, especially when you are so misinformed. Truth be told, you were hoping to whip up a little anti-Regiment outrage weren't you...

    For the same reason almost every other request for charitable help passes through the NAAFI at some time or another. It's nothing unusual and, again, points to your real intent.

    I've already donated - I'll say half came from you...[​IMG]

    Thorry you're tho fucking thenthitive
  9. You can check all 100 of my posts and you won't see a single word said against the RAF Regiment. I've nothing against them whatsoever. I'd just genuinely thought it was strange he's based in Germany. Thought you lost the last Germany based Regiment Sqn when Bruggen closed.

    Methinks you're the sensitive one mate. Not everyone is angling to have a crack. Although from the verbal kickings you frequently take on here, I understand your defensiveness.