Can anyone shed any light on my situation?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Spindarella, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. Im in the TA, & i want to join the Regs (as a soldier). I went to an AFCO today & was told i have to discharge myself from the TA before i can start my application - is this true?
    I am very dubious of this as i am aware of a few people how are currently applying for RMAS and are still training with the TA.

    I personally can not see an issue with me going through with the application process. If any one knows anything i would love to know the correct answer. I will speak to my SPSI tomorrow to see what he says.
    If it is the case that i have to discharge, then fine, but i have some good training lined up for the next couple of months so i would like to know for certain.

    Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance!
  2. No its not true. ACIO soldier is a dick
  3. I'll second that, load of tosh.

    Name and shame please spindarella, let's know which ACIO is not up to speed so they can ensure remedial training is carried out for their staff.
  4. As a Coy Cmdr I sent a section every year to the Regs - none of them had to leave the TA until they were taken on strength of the Regular Army. If your chap disagrees with this statement contact me with his name and address and I will make sure the man is put right.
  5. I'm rejoining regs after doing TA for a bit. I will stay in the TA until I start with regs, no need to discharge before application.

    I am hoping to rejoin in a different trade, when I went to the ACIO to discuss this I was advised to rejoin as my old trade and then transfer once I was back in, they also advised me it would be quicker and easier if all the admin was done by my TA unit. I mentioned this in passing to another careers officer whilst out shopping in another town, they laughed, dragged me into the office and got the paperwork sorted on the spot, all sorted except the medical. (If I stopped getting hospitalised playing rugby it would be even quicker!) :)

    Sounds like you've got a lazy careers officer!

  6. Thankyou everyone, you have all backed what i thought! i thought it a little strange when he said it & completely illogical.
    ile go and tell him he's wrong & start my application as soon as poss!

    cheers guys!
  7. Mate I would seriously reconsider that move, if you want a change and they want you in uniform, stand your ground now, otherwise you will end up back in the old unit with a transfer request thet will magically disappear
  8. Looking at doing the same thing myself. If you join the regular army what is the process? Also would I get to keep my Rank/Quals? Bit too long in the tooth to do basic and start again!
  9. Wouldn't the easiest way (assuming you want to stay in the same sort of job and keep your rank) be to get mobilised and offer to remain a Regular at the end of the tour? At the end of Telic 2, we were offered a bounty (I forget how much) to do just this.
  10. Was offered to "sign on" at the end of Telic 2 myself. It is one way around it. All Quals/Rank the same? Also would you assume the Corps carreer path from where you are??
  11. Sorry, I made that a bit vague, the last careers officer I spoke too did sign me up to the new trade I wanted, she didn't make me rejoin and then transfer. (Just waiting for the all clear from the scab lifters then it's back to green!)

  12. speak to five_to_do he is the man with his finger on the pulse!