Can anyone settle an argument for me!!!

Chatting over tea & toast this morning i got into a discussion on Iraq Medals.

IIRC anyone going out to Iraq will still be presented the Iraq Medal for their tour unless they already have it. However an RMP friend sat with us said that they will receive the IRSM which is given to CP teams in theatre.

Does this not come under the 2 medal same campaign rule.

There's a bottle of Port on it. Have read the DIN but is as clear as mud.

Many thanks


nope! i worked with a cp team in basrah and they recieved the telic medal. the reconstruction medal is for cp teams working outside the millitary for the consulate! im sure someone with more info will clear up my rough edges though
They will get the IRSM if they are working for the FCO.

i.e the HMA's CP team.

They can earn both if they had previously been on Telic not for the FCO.

I have known certain people to double dip on the same tour

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