Can anyone send me a link to a good plce bergen?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by armycadet3, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows any good online suppliers? I was gonna get the 30-50 litre ni patrol pack but everyones told me its too small for a 5 day excercise. So if you know any good sites/products please send me the link. BTW it needs to be a plce bergen and brand new.
  2. There is always "Cadet Direct"

    I won't guarantee they're the cheapest and the customer service is indifferent but they are good for brand new issue kit. I use it for my kids if I don't have an appropriately sized item in the attic.

    Edited to add - I've just checked the price on the new ones - I would strongly recommend you go for the good-quality used rather than pay £150.
  3. Do you think i would need a shortback though? Im quite a small build?
    Oh and do you think the ni patrol pack would do me for a weekend excercise?
  4. You've had that answered in another thread you spotty mong.
  5. not for a weekend excercise! you twat!
  6. Do you have a weekend sleeping bag and one for a week's exercise? Mong
  7. take it you dont do many exercises do you, how much do you think you need for a weekend, expecially being a cadet
  8. Yes. If you aren't wedded to the "must have a genuine NSN on it" idea, you might even consider the Webtex 3/4 size bergan. Same design, smaller pack, also cheaper if you must have a new one.

    That depends, sorry. I can generally fit 2 or 3 days worth of stuff into a daysack but if you are required to carry x, y & z, then you may need a larger pack. Are you camping out overnight or in buildings? Have you been issued maggot (sleeping bag) etc?

    Links - RVOPS (Arrse sponsors) do the webtex thing - - note that this includes the side pouches and the yoke.

    A (much) cheaper place to get the PLCE bergen:
  9. Im sleeping out both nights in bashas, but probably use mates. So all i need to fit in is a small sleeping bag, rations, cooker, clothes and a few extras like torch and that.
  10. get all that in a daysack
  11. A cadet you say.

    Here you go.......



    Hope this helps.
  12. you do realise after a week in the field it won't be 'brand new' anymore don't you.

    buy used!
  13. Highly recommend Strikeforce Supplies (last link of "therealbigdizzle") to all and sundry, speedy delivery, refunds postage that isn't requried if buying multiple items, and products match descriptions.

    Recommend, as also well priced in comparison to some places.