Can anyone remember...


Any of you lot remember the "Great Pikey War" in and around Bovington in the mid nineties?

Was in the pub with mates who were envincing that their conflict in Essex was the true heart of the fight! :D

I still take pride in the fact that there are generations of Pikeys now telling campfire tales of how they got the imprint of Danners on their grids and ribs after setting up camp in unsuitable locations.

Please don't confuse this with the "Hunt Sab Insurgencies" of the same period. :p


Feel free to reagail any tales of conflict but change names to protect the "innocent".
I'm sorry, in the mid nineties I was obsessed with power rangers, pogs and my plastic AK-47.

The only wars I fought were with other pad brats around a lake in Aldershot.

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