Can anyone remember this book?

Quick synopsis, two SS blokes join the legion after WW2 because the were at Oradour, serve in Indochina and Algeria before one dies of an SIW and the other one deserts and goes home. I've been trying to think of the name of the bloody thing all day.
A bloke from work gave me The Devils Guard and The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer the other day. I was chuffed to bits.
Here's another that I read years ago and can't remember either the title or the author.

I think the protagonist worked in the AIB and is called in when the second prototype aircraft crashes in exactly the same manner as the first. It turns out that they're being sabotaged and the method used causes the elevator trim to reverse its action after both the height and speed of the aircraft has exceeded and then returned below specified upper and lower limits.

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