Can anyone Rembrandt me?(Put me in the picture).


I just got busted!  :mad: :'(
And this has cost me a fair bit of the old beer tokens, and as my life rotates around beer,curry,war movies, and interfering with myself over new porn bought on my day of the pay,this has caused me a fair bit of inconvenience...due to the lack of cash this month I can't buy Lesbo Ninja Nun Fest III,which has given me the right hump and no mistake!!!
That aside,my problem is thus,I was promoted under Crewman85 and I was demoted under the new Crewman2000(improved,streamlined,accessible,more easily understood and guarantees that your next pay rise in promotion that would've pounds is now pennies...hurrah).
So my pay cut after demotion was actioned under Crewman85 rates,and I am now some couple of hundred quids less well off per month.
If I pick up my former rank again will I be given my pay at Crewman85 rate or 2000 rates? ???
Better go and visit your Pay Office....woops, I mean RAO.  They will phone the APC who wont answer the phone, cos there's a "day" in the week.  The RAO will tell you to come back later, hoping you have forgotten what you came in for in the first place :p

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