Can anyone recommend this prof ?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by bloodgroup_o+, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. Hey all, just wondering if anyone in here knows or has read any of the material or attended a course/lecture, by ex Int Corps interrogation specialist (apparently) Professor Eric Shepherd and if its worth buying his stuff if you're interested in interrogation/interviewin or if he is a bit waltish. I've read good reviews of his work by coppers,was wondering how you lot rated him. Cheers. He does have a website, I only ask after I met him in a pub believe it or not, and he made some quite interesting claims of his abilities and military background.
  2. Highly rated.

    All he told you was probably true - then again he is/was an interrogator :twisted:

    I think you will find that he was building rapport and analysing you at the same time :roll:

    Did he leave a `bridge` ?
  3. Cheers for that. Well I'm from a much different angle of the int gatherin trade so I have no idea if he left a "bridge" or what that would mean?He did leave me with his phone number and told me I'm treading water in my current position and that he would like to help me further my academic future, also said I have a lot of potential if I went on to law enforcement which if he is as highly regarded as you say, I should take as a nice compliment I suppose :).
  4. You corps fellas certainly are the right ones to ask when it comes to backing up things eh lol I didn't think of checking the gazette, lesson learned. Think I'll be buying his book before tour, come back more educated in a completely irrelevant but more interesting subject to my job. Cheers Bonzo
  5. Hmmm, is that a bridge I see before me?
  6. If Eric has given you `a blessing ` then indeed feel well chuffed.

    He knows more than I have forgotten and would put even Derren Brown to shame !
  7. A class act and a proper interrogator, not to be confused with loud and sweaty CAC instructors :)

    Glad '91 course.