Can anyone recommend any catalouge creation software?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Troy, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Troy

    Troy LE

    As per the title, can anyone recommend any catalouge creation software? I already have facility for creating indexes (indices) in text and HTML and can readily produce file and folder lists with file path. But what I am looking for is a software package that can take a database file and create a catalouge including inserting thumbnail pictures with HTML links to larger pictures and further information. I would like to be able to create versions for printing and for the web too. Initially, I would be using it for photo collections, but later I would like to be able to use it for a range of products.

    Does anyone do anything similar to this already? I would prefer to find free software if possible.
  2. cloudbuster

    cloudbuster Guest

    What's a 'catalouge'?
  3. A cat going down a louge?
  4. polar69

    polar69 LE

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  5. If you have it as a database, then you already have a catalogue. That is, essentially, what a database is.
  6. Troy

    Troy LE

    A spelling mistake :)
  7. Troy

    Troy LE