can anyone recommend a large capacity mp3 player WITHOUT vid

I'm looking to spend no more than £150, don't really want to get a Ipod as I don't want to be tied to buying my music from iplayer ( well buying music really but shhhhh don't tell anyone).

I don't download videos as I have a nice advent 4211 that fits in my bag and can be used on trains, planes and automobiles to watch videos ( bbc 4OD etc) on a reasonable sized screen, everything I've found so far that has been 4GB or more seems to feel the need to incorparate a screen for watching videos.

I prefer to keep my MP3 player/phone/camera etc as seperate bits of equitment as that way I only have to replace one item at a time should it get lost or broken and I still have use of the other items.

Thanks in Advance

Bear with me and the back of my fag packet:

1 album= 200Mb compressed

Therefore you can get 20 albums on a 4Gb player, which is going to be in the order of 24 hours solid listening. Seeing as the battery life is going to be 4-6 hours you are going to have to recharge it 4-6 times just to listen to all your music.

My advice: buy the cheapest one you can, that way if you lose / smash it it won't matter and whatever you pay for the cheapest one today will get you one with twice the capacity this time next year.


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