Can anyone recommend a good ACF orientated book/manual for a PI?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Retreat!, Nov 22, 2010.

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  1. I've not long joined the ACF as a PI, I'm learning pretty quickly but I think I could accelerate my learning if I had some kind of reference manual or book. Can anyone recommend one? I've seen a couple on Cadet direct, anybody seen them or recommend something else?
  2. With any other sport, pastime, hobby, interest you can think of there's loads of books, manuals, guides, magazines, etc available. For Army Cadets there's almost nothing.
    Just about the only thing around is The Army Cadet Pocket Book which you can find on e-bay quite easily. It's far from perfect and has nothing about skill-at-arms in there. Mind you that's just as well as you need to work from the current pamflets anyway. A current first aid manual would be useful of course. Other than that try your librarian for suggestions about something relevant to youth work. After all that's what the job is about, youth work.
  3. "Vygotsky at Work and Play" by Lois Holzman looks a promising title.

    They'll teach you all you'll need to know about GP Rifles 'n Drill: which isn't much, and researching low level military tactics might put your IP address on a MI5 database!

    The Scouts etc have good info on the important aspects of the fieldcraft syllabus, like how to look after yourself and your kit in the field and there's plenty of info on real map & compass from the like of the BMC and Orienteering Federation. should be considered essential reading too.
  4. i don't mean to flame but has anyone thought to mention the acf manual? certainly if i have never taught a particular lesson it's the first thing i pick up. and that's what i tell my cadet nco instructors to do also. granted you can't take the thing out of detachment (AHEM!) but that is the manual and i would look at that before i looked at anything with "vygotsky" in the title.
  5. There's no shortage of literature and training on the cadet toys 'n games in the system. If the OP wants to do some worthwhile reading on his own initiative he'd get more from looking at something different and more expansive.

    The ACF claims it just uses military methods as a tool for personal development, but there's precious little said about the person you're trying to help develop. If you just blindly copy the military training regurgitated in the pamphlets you're only playing at soldiers really.

    If you want to service your car do you reach for a manual about your socket set?

    Lev Vygotsky may be an old Commie head shrinker with a good scrabble score for a name, but at least his many works will get you thinking about exactly what the ACF claims its business is.

  6. £10.99 gift wrap available.
  7. Why not look at Westminster resource page, all the manuals are there, start with something that interests you, since there is some 14 core topics..... at progressive levels.
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  10. Many thanks.
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