Can anyone recognise these weapons?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by silvestermk2, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. [video=youtube;atUY6qlOciI][/video]

    Kneeling in the front row, the gents at each end have what I'm guessing to be anti-tank missile tubes??? but what is the lad second from left kneeling holding? Is it some sort of mortar or the base plate for the afore mentioned tubes?

    If these lot are Syrian military defectors I'm presuming it's Russian kit they have - anyone help please.
  2. More to the point why is he wearing an infidel dog collar?
  3. He's carrying the tripod for the tubes. It's a Russian anti-tank launcher

  4. It's the 9M131M.

  5. Many thanks! Is this sort of thing going to worry Syrian tank commanders and how skilled an operator do you have to be to use such a device?
  6. Oh yes....!

    This is basically a "Milanski"... quite capable of upsetting your day at a significant range.. duplex warhead to cope with spaced armour.

    Fairly straightforward to use - crosshairs on target - press tit - keep crosshairs on target - bang - job jobbed!
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  7. Cheers HE117, I wonder what else army defectors are taking over to the FSA!

    Any takers on this rifles in this shot?

  8. I thought it was a porridge gun.
  9. Well that sounded like a retarded register
  10. SKS carbine and behind it is an AKM underfolder of some description, very likely an Egytian made Maadi.

    Theres also a good old fashioned RPG7 behind them.
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  11. They are Syrian defectors.
  12. Haven't a clue what the weaponry is ...but the guy front centre is a scottish presbyterian minister.
  13. I definitely recognise those apparently anti tank tubes... i think i saw them once in a Donkey Kong game i was playing rolling down a hill at me...

    In all seriousness, the boys in the front (excl far right) are just carrying some anti tank get up. Tubes and tripod, with a sight on it i think?
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  14. In that case he will bore the opposition to death.
  15. But only on a Sunday .....................