Can anyone reccomend Training Shoes

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Vaughany, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. I need to get a new pair of running shoes as mine are giving me shin splints. can anyone reccomend a good supportive pair? I was thinking Magnum Aegis or PT-03's.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Dunlop greenstripe
  3. Well shoes are very personal. If you supponate or over-pronate you will need support in different places. I am currently using the Brooks Adrenaline model which is a very stable shoe if you pronate and are of a heavier build (I am 84kg). But I would strongly recommend getting checked out by a running specialist. See if there is an "Up and Running" near you as they have always been great with me.

  4. Cheers. If it helps, i'm a gangly 6 footer from the rough end of the trench.
  5. Brooks - especially if you are a big bloke..
    Find a runners shop where the staff have time, patience and specialist knowledge.
    Ideally one of them will stand behind you and watch you run over a short distance then recomend the shoe that is best for your physique and running style.
    Don't be fobbed of with Nike, New Balance and other drug dealer chic.

    Also check that the shoes are wide enough (a common mistake is too buy ones that are too tight) the soft leathers that contain your foot should not bulge over the edges of the sole when you look down from above.

    Don't try and skimp with the cash. It's your body and you can't sign another one out of the stores if you break it...
    In my experience cash spent on (the right) shoes and boots is money well spent.
  6. Well I am no expert but if you are quite lanky you probably dont need a great deal of support, which is good coz it means your shoes will be cheaper! Best thing to do would be to pop into a running shop. They will stick you on a treadmill and take a video on your stride which they can analyse on a computer and then suit you with the best shoes. It really does make a huge difference when your shoes are well fitted.

  7. I would certainly recommend training shoes. Far more comfortable than running barefoot.
  8. Yeah , those Nike and New Balance guys know nothing I tell you, Brooks are sooo much more superior, Paula Radcliffe only wears them becuase she likes the ******* COLOUR
  9. Definately avoid trendy brands: nike, puma, adidas etc. Reebok are ok but still far inferior to "proper" companies such as Asics, Saucony, Brookes etc and are the same price or more expensive.

  10. The sweat shop have a mat which measures your pronation (footfall) and will recommend a suitable pair. If you buy off the shelf without knowing if the footwear is suitable you will do untold damage to you feet/muscles.
  11. Asics Foundation. I suffered from the splints, and these sorted them for me. But, as said above, shoes are personal, so get yourself seen to properly.
  12. personaly i have puma sprint they are ace so comfortable !
  13. Anyone know anything about these new(ish) trainers that all the PTI`s are cutting about in, have seen big adverts for them in the Gym, but no-one has told me if they are worth a look or not.

    And no,I cant remember what they are called.
  14. are thoses the army ones? PTI 30 or something? ask Goatman he had a pair
  15. High heels always works for me!