Can anyone please tell me what this is?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by happybonzo, Oct 5, 2011.

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  1. This was bought by a pal in a job lot at auction and we don't know what it is.


  2. It's for bush tucker BBQ utensils...
  3. Hmm. It could be a bed cover for use in a field hospital or such like?
  4. Jungle palliasse?
  5. Looks like a mattress cover. Used to make an emergency stretcher with 2 lengths of wood/branches run through to make frame/handles.
  6. its a 3 man sleeping bag cover
  7. No it doesn't. Where would the handles be outside of the bag for people to hold on to?

    It's more likely to be be some sort of cover/carrier. Possibly an oldschool weapons bundle with pouch for ancills?
  8. Aussie Air Matress cover. 3 rubberized inflateable inserts go inside.

    During Vietnam, sometimes extra inserts was slit and a 100rd Belt 7.62 inserted as a bandoleer carried Pancho Villa stylee
  9. Yes it does. There aren't any, it's an issue mattress cover. Poles/toggle ropes go through small gaps in each end. OK as a groundsheet, FA use for anything else.

    Edit; except for cutting up the inserts as per GB's post.
  10. Nice. And if proof were needed: Australian Army Inflatable Mattress Vietnam 1965 4 pce | eBay
  11. Many thanks everyone