Can anyone out there help? DPM goretex HALO / Sniper suit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by four_one_f, Jan 6, 2006.

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  1. Hi guys... Does anyone out there have (or know where i can get) either a DPM Goretex sniper suit / coverall OR a goretex HALO jacket or complete suit for sale?

    Been trying to get hold of these for ages but without luck. :cry:

    I know there's one on ebay but its tiny size.

    Thanks for any help or imput you can give.

  2. you can get issued sniper suits but you have to be sclaed for it. have you tried some of the yank sites, may do and alternative.

  4. I'm the proud owner of a large HALO jacket. Sadly don't have the trousers any more but they're pants (excuse the pun) anyway. Make me an offer big boy.
  5. goretex sniper suits? not issue item
    the ghillie and scrim attached to a snipers jacket usually keeps the wearer pretty dry , from experience.
    unless its for poncing round the naafi
  6. try arktis
  7. Goretex sniper suits are all the fashion amongst the airsoft community I understand!
  8. My walt sense is tingling
  9. In the unlikely eventuality that you arent a walt, try Jayjays surplus in Brecon, if he doesnt have one he'll find one.

    If however you are a walt, be sure to to post some "warry" looking pics on the internet for us all.
  10. if any one has the NSN, i may be able to procure one. Legally and not through the system! I ahve links to the MOD dispersal contractor.
  11. What else can you get??
  12. If the MOD (and Police / Fire Brigade) throws it out, then i can get it!
  13. If anyone is still looking for one of these. You can get a full Goretex HALO suit for £180 here

    Don't know if this is a good price. :?
  14. Size Small? ideal for an ally space cadet or Ghurka, what is the attraction with these they are shite, overpriced and will raise your profile on the "Walt Radar".
  15. ASPs ?