Can anyone lend me a basha for the weekend?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Shandy123, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. My eldest is off on scout camp tonight, and he wants to use a basha during shelter building.
    Being national TA, I only get issued them on an as needed basis.
    If some kind soul living in the Huddersfield-wakefield-Barnsley ish area could lend/issue me one for the weekend, I would be grateful. I have my own bungies!
  2. Tell him tents are better for wanking in. More privacy y'see. Of course they'd also be better for scout leaders to bum kids in on that basis.

    In all seriousness why? There's no benefit to using a basha over a tent in a non tactical scenario. Not to mention that without an accompanying bivi bag, good doss bag and mat it'll be ******* gibbering in that weather.

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  3. They'll be sleeping/getting bummed in tents,
    but they're doing a competition of some sort, with stands a la Cambrian Patrol (but with fewer dutch squaddies). I guess he wants to look ally with his DPM basha - what's wrong with that?
    I have got an old buckshee doss bag, so no worries there, thanks for your concern about the scout master's knees getting cold though. X-(
    1) do you have a basha?
    2) may I borrow it for the weekend?
    3) are you anywhere near the geographical triangle I mentioned in my OP?

    Thanks muchly.
  4. Anything at CCC in Wakefield ?
  5. Wombwell, next to the cricket club. There's a bizarre wee surplus shop (or at least there was about 18 moths ago) might well sort you out.

    I'd lend you mine but a. I'm in Belfast and b. it's an un-ally green one.
  6. Scouting has changed. In my day, shelter building involved turning up with your dad's kukhri and a small shovel then hacking branches, grass and turf into a green tent- or igloo-shaped affair. And the badge requirement was "sleep in it".

    Then we'd hack more branches for the fire for our backwoods meal.

    Have we run out of trees?

    Got some ponchos but I'm too far away to assist. Sorry.
  7. I know where you mean but I can't confirm it's still there
  8. There's a fella up your way called Cumper who's a bit snowed under with useless kit.
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  9. It's website suggests it is. Hurry, it shuts at 5pm.
  10. And the point of that post was???
  11. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. No. There's a bit of water in between.

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  12. Nah, they just do civvie kit. I have an old lightweight woven nylon light green tarp with dwelt in that would do, but its a basha he was after, I guess I was hoping some friendly PSI from a local TA unit might say 'come on down - were in tonight anyway, you can have one on a [1033?]'.
    He can just go old school, as suggested by puttees
  13. You're talking about spending money.
  14. That's not a problem. It's not mine.