Can anyone identify this???

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Skinn_Full, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. Why would anyone in the SAS only have the lightbulb para badge?

    I'm pretty sure that someone has put this together themselves.
  2. Must be a p*ss take, military parachute badge worn with SAS collar dogs.....hello! Looks like kevink1957 (seller) found an old jacket and filled it with badges....c0ck!!! Still some sad fcuker will bid on it.....£12.99 is that all?
  3. It's an old issue RAF no2's tunic isn't it? No doubt some mug will buy it.
  4. How long have you been in?

    Have you never worn or even seen anyone wearing No.1s?
  5. Nope RAF no1 dress is still a lovely serge / crabfat blue with no buttons on the sleeves and I believe now bellows pockets
  6. 36 Inch chest!

    Is it for children?

  7. Its got to be a piss take especially with the title SAS Patrol Tunic, maybe Sharpe would look right in this gear on patrol but one of them???
  8. Would you spend an evening sewing that lot on, just to make a paltry £13?
  9. It has to be some very sad walt who has got tired of being posted in ARRSE every time he goes out the house and is flogging off his L1A1 Waltiform.
  10. Thats got to be a wind up , I recognise one of the misspelt words :p
  11. 11 bids and £16? I'm in the wrong job!

  12. Note the use of the phrase "Winged knife" in the ebay tunic ad!!
  13. The 36" chest was the bit that shocked me the most..