Can anyone identify this?,,,,

This item has been hanging around my house ever since I dug it up from my garden,I have been trying to find out what it is and what it comes off..

It is made from cast aluminium,the dimensions are 41/2" x 21/2" x 3/16",it is perfectly flat and as you can see required 5 screws to attach it to what ever it came from.There are no markings on the reverse side and the holes are countersunk to 3/32"....

I have checked every commercial B.S.A badge (Motor bikes and Vehicles) that I can find dating back to pre WW1,,
The one section of B.S.A production models I have been unable to check are the ones that were produced for the forces during both world wars,,
I believe that it comes from a Military Vehicle/Weapon but I am likely to be wrong,,,,Can any Arrser help?


I know what it is.
Tappet cover from a side-valve motorcycle engine?
I'll tell you what it's a bit of metal you dug up in your garden.

You may not have realised this, but there are places outside your garden where they sell alcohol. Some of them have women in them.
vvaannmmaann:4420828 said:
Maybe ask some grown ups?
BSA Owners Group - Index
I know BSAOG very well. Good bunch of blokes. I Used to supermod for them. (feel for admin and mods on here as I know just how much work goes into it)

Its not off an air rifle or any other firearm.

Try the BSA owners club. I knows bikes but never even seen a bsa in the flesh.

It looks like from sump/gearbox as others stated.

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