Can anyone identify this picture?

Umm ...

I stand corrected, I do have to use US English for my keyboard which drives me nuts constantly trying to correct proper Canadian English.

Brotherton Lad

Kit Reviewer
The interesting stuff is in the speech bubble which is illegible (at least for me).

Brotherton Lad

Kit Reviewer
Think said bubble is supposed to be the moon
Might be but I'm seeing regular lines of script with a few recognisable Latin letters.
A she-wolf howling at the moon also makes sense..

Do we know where this picture is from?


I believe its ManCity fans howling with tears after having another goal ruled out in injury time by VAR against Tottenham
perhaps this will ring your bell?
What we have here is an apology. It’s an apologetic time capsule.
The speech bubble says: October 31 ululat lupus ad luna!
Werewolf brigade.

Or an infantryman drawing a pic of the beast he fucked the previous Saturday in Warminster.
I reckon it's those who enter old places, Urban Explorers, and take pictures, scrawl on walls and generally have a strange hobby. Bit like "Kilroy wuz 'ere." :cool:

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