Can anyone identify this on Google earth

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by darbs, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. type in coordinates as shown

    38 13 36.51 N 112 17 56.74 W

    i know its a missile but what kind and why would it be flying over the USA
  2. Tomahawk? Stubby wings set quite far back along the body look familiar.

    Probably on a test flight, given the locstat. IIRC there are Airforce test facilities in that neck of the woods.
  3. I looks like a plane with dark coloured wings to me. Look beyond the stubby bits. Looks like extended wings, but dark in colour, so not too different from the earth colour. Leer jet?
  4. Thanks for that HMV but i somehow expect the image could have been altered by Google but then like it says two jet trails. interesting thou.
  5. Is it heading towards any tall buildings in the area?
    FFS don't tell goodkuntz or we'll have another 70 page post about falling paper!!!

  6. Oddly enough that’s exactly what it says in the text on the web site (nobber)
  7. Unfortunately I don't live in a Lancaster bomber! :(

    But it would be cool if I did. 8)
  8. The bomber dont show up on my google earth :?
  9. 51°29'1.73"N 0°36'12.68"W

    There's my house >:)
  10. I have got to concur that at 1st glance it does look like a cruise missile, on closer inspection you can indeed see the dark painted wings and the twin vapour trail.

    Jet liner. Myth busted :)
  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I remember seeing a thread about a Lancaster over Stukeley meadows a year or so back. (Father in law lives a couple of miles away at Alconbury.)

    1. ISTR the whole "Lancaster spotted on Google Earth" was discussed long and hard on the internet and the consensus was it was faked.

    2. Google Earth update their maps periodically: looks like this is so in this case.