Can anyone identify this badge?

Been sitting in my collection for some time now.

I'm pretty sure it's one of the old Ghurka regiments, but can anyone tell me which one?

Many thanks.
so were did the 4th pwo ghurka rifles go...
i was going by the feathers..
i hate google..
4th PWO Gurkha Rifles (the author (the late) John Masters' old regiment) are alive and well - six battalions of which continue to serve in the Indian Army as 4th Gorkha Rifles.
Bah the photo's gone!

I've got what I've been told is a complete set of Gurkha badges & the only ones with PoW feathers are the old 1GR, Crossed kukris topped with PoW feathers, below the blades the figure "1" in the string of a bugle, OR 2GR (King Edward VII's Own, the Sirmoor Rifles), black PoW feathers on a red cloth backing, (the only one with no kukri in it I believe). OR 4(PWO)GR had an IV in the capbadge & 2 kukris arranged in an unusual formation, unlike the usual crossed design, all topped with the PoW feathers & "Ich Dien" scroll

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