Can anyone identify the yellow flash??

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Buzby847, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. Hi,
    tearing what little is left of my hair out trying to id this 'odd' looking yellow badge on a 1950s battle dress blouse. The badge is shield like and on top right hand side '39' and the bottom left hand side '45'. Running from the mid top left to bottom right are the the letters MVG. Doesn't look at all British to me, but is on a bd blouse sporting 6th armoured division. Any help will be very welcome.

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  2. Sorry mate, had a look around - complete blank except for Malay Volunteer Group (which doesn't seem likely). Motor Vehicle Group perhaps?
  3. I'm guessing it's the National 39/45 Military Vehicle Group badge - seem like a bunch of keen re-enactors and vehicle preservers. Don't seem to have a website, but come up on Google searches.
  4. Yes did wonder if it was a re enacting group and would be great to confirm it because it just does not seem to fit in with Brit insignia at all. Cheers for your thoughts though.
  5. Did the badge come up on your search? Cheers
  6. Might it have Canadian connections? They wore BD not sure what chevrons they wore though.Yes I did see the mailed fist and lanyard so I'm only guessing here.
  7. Yes have considered that option, along with poland and other war time allies but just cannot pin it down it's a real poser - driving me nuts :)
  8. Lanyard on wrong arm is a bit of a worry, but would go with rest not real, re-enactors set of kit.

    Also lack of chevrons on each arm gives re-enactor clue.
  9. Bit more digging revealed this:

    National 39/45 Military Vehicle Group. Nick Peters, 18 Preston Close, Stanton-under-Bardon, Leics
  10. Cheers I am pretty settled that it is a reenactors flash - mainly because it just doesn't have that British 'look'. Thanks or your response
  11. Brilliant best lead so far! Thanks for your efforts......might get a decent sleep now instead of poring over toooo many websites !
  12. Canadian cheverons were the same as British, and still are as far as orientation goes. Divisional patches like that were not to be found though.
  13. National 39/45 Military Vehicle Group
    Adrian Hardgrave
    9 Cordelia Way
    CV22 6JU
    Tel: 01788 812250
  14. Thanks Flash Mactavish. I thought they wore the same chevrons too. I think sunsmi msy hsve nailed this one though. I'm going to investigate his findings as soon as I get back home.

    cheers eveyone for very auick responses.