Can anyone identify the navaid in this picture?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Victorian_Major, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. A well-known picture from the last few days. I bet the MoD is very grateful that it impartially gives the true location of the searched ship.


    Of course, in an army Lynx this and the similarly vital nokia are of course banned portable electronic devices, and the only photo you would have got is of the blinking FAIL light on the totally useless TANS.

    Hopefully the Ac Comd involved is getting a pat on the back for his foresight and not a slap on the wrist!
  2. Well, if you fit a TomTom to a Lynx of course you'll get dodgy results. Bloody cheapskate Procurements.
  3. Rather entertaining that of all the media coverage they've missed yet another procurement c*ck up. If this chap hadn't bought his own a) GPS and b) Camera, the government would have even less evidence to prevaricate and dither over.
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I have not owned an etrex for years so I cannot remember, but:

    1. Can you "playback" a location?
    2. Height 91mtrs?
    3. Was this photo taken in a building - with 6 sats visible....?
  5. CAn anybody link to the page the photo was on? I can't find the article on bbc
  6. Those are the kind of points, none of which I think is true given the system, which I just bet the lads in Iran are just overjoyed to hear you spout on a public forum...

    Edited to answer points;

    1. Yes
    2. So? Setting the QNH into the thing is a nightmare, but being at 300' over the oggin is pretty standard.
    3. No. (Although I bet the Iranian PR chap was delighted to have you feed him that line...)
  7. I have not owned an etrex for years so I cannot remember, but:

    1. Can you "playback" a location?
    Dont know but it may have been saved as a waypoint
    2. Height 91mtrs?
    Height is variable with sat nav with only 6 sattelites but as it is supposedly taken in a helicopter then I would have been worried if it said 5 metres
    3. Was this photo taken in a building - with 6 sats visible....?
    Read thread.. taken in helo not many buildings at sea you know. surprised he got 6 sats with all that sheilding (rotor&c) by the way the lynx referred to earlier was the helicopter not the cat.
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Ah, I see. This is not the photo of the Iranian holding the mistake.
  9. Well all our discussion of the GPS and the numerous hits on Google Earth seem to have done the trick!

    Let's face it, the Iranians weren't going to take any notice of any information from British Government or MOD let alone ARRSE!

    They planned it carefully, executed it with precision and ran the whole media circus from start to finish including the "Presidential Pardon" :roll:

    At least they're being released.
  10. The 'special' windcreen canopy of Lynx (note to thieving Westlands - not £2bn 'special.') tends to suppress GPS signals, explaining the low signal strength. If you hold, say, a Pilot III by the door window the signal is stronger.

    And, whilst it is not obvious in the photo - the original (uncropped) photo is taken from the front LHS.
  11. For anyone who hasn't seen it, the uncropped picture from the MOD website is below:

    I think that that explains the 91m.

  12. This is a better photo than the one I saw - clearly the photo is taken from the cabin - not the front. My bad.
  13. Yes - it sends the low loader that is heaving it down some totally unsuitable country lanes :D
  14. So which one of you guys are pilots then?

    Victorian Major sounds like he knows his stuff, are you Lx pilot by any chance?

    Are civvy GPS now allowed, we keep getting warned about them, ie potential errors, jamming etc?

    Who of you ahve used a civvy GPS and found it OK in the air?