Can Anyone Identify the aircraft in this picture ?


I see lots of aircraft, which one are you interested in?
Is it a lorry with an orange missile on it?
I think the pilots of the aircraft lined up three miles to the NNW could identify it for you. They're good at that sort of thing.


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the one in the middle of the picture, if thats the one you mean, with the oversized fuselage, looks like an Aero Spacelines Super Guppy. used by Nasa to fly rocket stages around the country, and also by Airbus to fly completed wings from the UK to the continent for assembly. used to be a fairly common sight over manchester till the Beluga started flying.
I just found a DC3/C47 - aaahhh, happy days, flinging myself out of Mr Douglas at Zephyrhills . . . . . (while the spams made a f#ckup of the Tehran embassy raid) :biggrin:
Pima Air Museum, I was there less than 6 months ago. If you look closely you can see me waving by the third B-52 from the right. A "G" model as I recall.
Excellent museum
They even have some truly impressive WWII barracks,
and they were very knowleagdable(?) about all the dispaly aircraft

IMHO, go there if you have the opportunity
Air Force One is an exceptional display as are the hangered aircraft

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