Can anyone identify him?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 16, 2005.

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  1. Intriguing story

    Fantastic response to 'Piano Man'

  2. A real mystery. My money goes on Chaz... or was it Dave. Could be Mrs Mills in drag.
  3. Surely Billy Joel is the piano man? See if he taps his feet to Uptown Girl.
  4. Obviosly an immigrant type - if trauma is kegit, could be dampness was cuased by being thrown overboard by people traffickers or dodgy inflatable dolphin getting a puncture.

    Everyone in or around England understands some English - even the Welsh that subscribe to Pobl Y Com (Pebbly Cum, or whatever).
    If he looked more like TCH I'd say 'throw him back'.
  5. Soaking wet suit and tie in Kent - home of the illegal immigrant. No wonder he's not speaking, he's just swum the channel and doesn't want to give away his Eastern European accent and be deported!
  6. Surely an illegal immigrant wouldn't be in a suit. He's more likely to be a people trafficer himself. Probably part of a trafficing gang. Police should get involved as i suspect he may be a key player.
  7. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: 8O
  8. What about a bit of compassion? The poor sod is obviousely traumatised. Give him a break instead of trying to lynch him.
  9. yeah, bet he's a Muslim illegal immigrant...quick PTP I've said the M delete it.

    trouble is that will smack of double standards wont it ie;

    Take the p*ss with illegal immigrant = OK not delete


    Muslim illegal immigrant = bad delete.
  10. Your just making yourself sound like a childish chippy cnut now. No one is interested in your boring argument with PTP.
  11. Different subject Armourer. Why not conduct your bitch fight with PTP via pm. Lets get back to the mystery piano player.

    Rifle, we're not trying to lynch him, just expressing wild opinion. That, after all, is the idea of this kind of site. An exchange of ideas. Next time I'll pm you my proposed post so you can check that it wont offend anyone or be ever so slightly harsh.

    Your not a social worker per chance?
  12. Still think he must be Billy Joel sans beard.
  13. 8O no-one is trying to lynch him! poor chap is being looked after and his carers are quite obviously decent people who are trying to help him.
  14. Fecked up with IT again!