Can anyone I.D. this?

I was just wondering weather anyone is able to I.D. this piece of material, it came in the same box as my Grandfathers medals and a photo.

Im researching his service during the second world war at the moment but im unable to find his service number. Now from what i have been told he was a medic, now weather this was with the Cheshire Regiment or the RAMC i dont no. He served in North Africa and Italy, and this makes me think he was with the Cheshire's (as they served in those places, and my grandfather was born in Widnes and the Cheshire's were the only North West Regiment to serve in north Africa (from what i have found anyway)). Also the material looks very much like the colours for the Cheshire Regiment apart from the white stripe as this does not feature on their colours.

Any help would be much appreciated to the identification of this material.



I have just got on the Army Personal Records centre, and bloody hell someone must be having a bad day, everytime i have been put through to historical disclosures they have hung up on me :(


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It looks like the type of cloth that was used in the tropics as sort of a TRF. If a soldier wore a pith helmet or slouch hat the hat band would have the Regt/Corps colours around it on one side instead of a cap badge. Other places to have the colours was as little flashes on the elastic that held up the socks cub scout fashion. The R Sigs used to have that in places like Hong Kong, Singapour and Cyprus as recently as the late 70s as far as I know.

As for what colours they are, I can't help there.
sean you can try and get in touch with the hartenstein airborne museum in arnhem, as i recently visited there with a photo of my grandfather as i also had no idea about his service . as it turned out they i.d the capbadge for me ,by looking in one of there reference books, turned out he was in the border regt and was a chindit. hope it helps.
Thanks for the information guys. Apparantly its called a Pudgree Strip. I have been doing some research and i have a feeling it is Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. I think i'll get onto the Cheshire Regimental museum again and see if they know weather the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards served with the Cheshires's anywhere.

Don't forget, the RSDG were only formed in 1971 from the amalgamation of the 3rd Carabiniers and the Royal Scots Greys. The 3rd Carabiniers themselves are a mix of the 3rd Dragoon Guards and the Carabiniers.

The 3rd Carabiniers definitley recruited in Cheshire during WW2 so you may be on the right track there. I'm in the process of tracing my Grandads records and he was 3rd Carabiniers in Burma. Up to yet the most helpful people have been the RSDG museum at Edinburgh Castle.

Good luck


PS, if you ring Edinburgh don't make a tw*t of yourself by pronouncing "carabiniers" the way it is spelt (i.e. it sounds Italian), it is pronounced "Carbiners" as in "a user of a Carbine". A jock colonel had much joy in taking the p1ss when I rang them.
Thanks for that AS and i'll take that on board with pronouncing the name correctly.

I never knew the 3rd Carabiniers recruited in Cheshire. Did they serve in North Africa and Italy? As these are the two medals that my Grandfather has.....

Thats where you've just thrown me. It was not ususal but not unheard of for members of the 3rd Carabiniers to be attached to the Natal Carabiniers who did indeed serve in Africa (obviously), the Italy one has me stumped though.

The 3rd Carabiniers as a regiment served exclusivley in Asia.
For some reason , I'm thinking WDAF
My Grandad was in the 3rd Carabiniers. My Uncle has done a load of research on 'em . PM if you need his email
nah, RAPC was white on red. seans is yellow on red. granted it's very similar, but not the same.

sean, are you sure that the medals are your grandfathers? he may have been in possession, but he may not necessarily have earnt them. they might be friends or familys medals that have fell in with his. this is most likely if they don't correlate with his regiments service locations, etc.
Is that a Western Desert Air Force band?

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