can anyone help?

Discussion in 'REME' started by ginganinja1uk, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. I am after finding out if anyone in the REME has ever seen a painting by david shepherd hanging in a mess somewhere depicting the repair of a scout helicopter in the Radfan.(around 1964-5ish)

    One of the characters in the painting was my father and I am trying to find out if there are any prints.

    I am still trying to find out which units he served with.

    Any help would be appreciated

    by the way he was REME, aircraft tech.
  2. You have my sympathy, mate! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


    Try the Messes in Bordon and Arborfield! Alternatively, try the REME Museum in Arborfield (google it). If David Shepherd painted such a scene, they will know about it.

    From your message, I assume he is dead? I'm sorry to hear that but it means you can buy a copy of his service record from the MOD. I think you need to prove your relationship (your birth certificate and his death certificate, IIRC). I want to do the same for a relative, so I have the magazine article describing the method but I am at home and the article is at work.

    I'll try to remember to post the information here next week.

  3. After some searching the heli that he fixed was carrying the commander of 3 Para along with his Int offr. they crash landed in with 45 commando as they were battling the rebels.

    Ill keep looking for more, cheers for any help.
  4. Can't swear to it but I'm sure I saw a picture similar to the one you described in Netheravon, either the Sgts or Officers Mess.
  5. Just had a result in the Offr's mess apparently it is in the West Court Offr's Mess in Arborfield, going around that area there today on a short course and am going to try and visit.

    Thanks for all your replies and assistance, I might post a photo of the painting on this site if I get the chance.
  6. Made a decision to go to the HQ REME Officers Mess today can any body give me directions to the West court Offr's Mess, can get to the Garrison just need fine tuning.
  7. check your pm's
  8. Got it, now it has been posted in the gallery. Took pics of it and will also have them framed for family members.

    Still trying to get a copy of the letter/commendation/citation/description that goes with it.

    Thanks for all the help it has brought something home at last.