Can anyone help?

I am after finding out if anyone in the AAC has ever seen a painting by david shepherd hanging in a mess somewhere depicting the repair of a scout helicopter in the Radfan.

One of the characters in the painting was my father and I am trying to find out if there are any prints.

I am still trying to find out which units he served with.

Any help would be appreciated :D
Just had a result in the Offr's mess apparently it is in the West Court Offr's Mess in Arborfield, going there today on a short course and am going to try and visit.

Thanks for all your replies and assistance, I might post a photo of the painting on this site if I get the chance.
Got it, now it has been posted in the gallery. Took pics of it and will also have them framed for family members.

Still trying to get a copy of the letter/commendation/citation/description that goes with it.

Thanks for all the help it has brought something home at last.

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