Can anyone help ?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by UKLF_Kat, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. Im in a difficult positon and wondering if anyone can help me;

    A friend of mine has got themselves into a potentially career damaging situation.

    My friend is a JNCO who has become involved with a SNCO but the SNCO is in a relationship with an Rupert.

    SNCO thinks that JNCO dosent know the score and is using JNCO as a "fcuk toy".
    Now before anyone starts accusations of jealousy on my part this not the case.JNCO is a very good friend and we have a very honest friendship.

    None of JNCO s CoC (at JNCO level) is aware of what is going on, however a SNCO in CoC that JNCO is friendly with is aware of the situation and is turning a blind eye, and the rest of the CoC is oblivous.

    I dont want my friend to get into trouble as they have a promising career and i would not like to see this comprimised.

    Any help would be greatfuly received.
  2. I've probably misunderstood the situ, but where's the compromise when those who know have said nothing and the one who could cause the most hassle doesn't know? If your mate's feels they're threatening their career with the relationship, why doesn't he/she just call it off with the SNCO and deny any existence if it came to light?
  3. Even if you muck in you will be seen as interfering let it run its course, if they get in the shit it's their own fault!!
  4. You live.You learn.Dont get involved.In my younger years this was known as the Devil's Alternative:Either way ,men are going to die.

    Hear no evil speak no evil.These situations have a way of working themselves out.
  5. The SNCO is in direct CoC of JNCO = BIG breach!!

    There are People in the know that are turning a blind eye this could have implications on JNCO s career as SNCO is responsible for CRS
  6. But like said
    unless it's not as easy as it sounds.
  7. This is a breach of the values and standards paper, both the JNCO and SNCO, if found out, could be liable to administrative action under AGAI 67, this could, in certain instances, result in an application being made for discharge dependant on the serverity of the breach. Warn your freind off by all means but stay clear of the situation yourself, or be dragged into it head first.