Can anyone help?


Pardon a mere Brit stepping on your turf, but I am in a quandary.

My niece is married to a guy who is a former US Army MP Sergeant. His greatest jealousy is that all us Brit ex-soldier wear blazers with regimental and/or corps badges. Does ANYONE know where I could get him a US MP Badge so he can join the club? I, and I know he, would be truly grateful.

I'm poppingthis on the Brit Forums as well just in case we have a hidden genius who knows things.

Here are the two important US Military Police 'badges' that one could have made into a blazer badge. The first one is the 'Coat of Arms' and the second is the Regimental crest of the MP Corps.


Prince and Trip ... Many thanks! I guess either the Coat of Arms or the Regimental Crest will make Joe a happy man .... if I follow Prince's useful link!
Yanks really don't do regimental blazers and ties. Baseball caps, tie tacks, and polo shirts are about it.

Here's about the closest thing you are likely to find:

Military Police Regimental Crest Neck Tie from
This is not exatcly the case Dogface! I belong to three veterans associations that prescribe a 'dress uniform.' In the case of the Special Forces Association, it is the Green Beret w/ SFA Flash, Regimental tie, White dress shirt, Rifle Green Blazer w/ Special Forces Assn. Blazer badge, Grey or black trousers, black socks and shoes. The Korean War Ranger Association (RICA) prescribes a Black Beret with Metal Para wings w/ background with the Ranger Tab over the wings, White dress shirt with (RICA Tie) Black or Blue Blazer w/RICA Blazer patch on breast, Grey or Black trousers, black shoes & socks.

The 1st Cavalry Division Association has pretty much the same as the RICA Assn.; however they wear a Stetson with Yellow (EM) or Gold & Black braid (Off.) on it. The tie is gold and black and they wear the 1st Cavalry Division or Regimental Crest on the breast as a blazer badge.

Most posts of the VFW and the American Legion also have a prescribed dress uniform that fits much of what I have already mentioned with the Black or Blue Blazer, white dress shirt and grey pants, etc. They wear their VFH and/or Legion 'Overseas hats,' with that uniform. In most cases in all the organizations, mini-medals, mini-qualification badges are worn on the left lapel like a mess dress uniform.

On events where a dress uniform isn't called for such as picnics, informal events many then do wear baseball hats with their associations embelems, qualification badges Para wings, CIB along with t-shirts, polo shirts and jackets with their associations logos on them.

The picture is an SFA member in Dress uniform.

Special Forces Association - Home

The 1st Cavalry Division Association Homepage

Ranger Infantry Companies (ABN) of the Korean War


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