Can anyone help?

Can anyone out there help me with this, back in the 80's there was a drink known as Cream Soda, (tasted just like it hence the name), that was very popular in Sqn/Bty/LAD etc bars.

Someone asked me the other day if I knew what went into it, I can't remember myself but I'm hoping someone out there can. Does anyone remember it?

I have searched the internet and come up with spiced rum and 7up/sprite any other recipes out there?
Cut and paste from the Ciao site.

My grandkids will drink any kind of fizzy juice well so i thought till my wife and i returned home from a trip to tescos with this cream soda. the kids like barrs cream soda and normally tescos own make products are pretty good, well i can tell you now this one isnt.

Having tasted barrs cream soda more than a few times myself i decided to try this and see if it was as bad as the kids were making out. It was every bit as bad, the vanilla content in it must be much higher than that of others because that was all you could taste vanilla very very sweet vanilla.
Another thing i noticed about it was how quickly it went flat, a drink which i poured for my grand son was completely flat ten minutes later when i went to try it.

This drink would also be useless as a thirst quencher as it is so sticky it actually leaves a coating in your mouth, all in all a very poor tesco product.
Carbonated water
Glucose-fructose syrup
Lactic Acid
Sweeteners- Aspartame, Sodium Saccharin
Preservatives- Sodium benzoate
Vanilla Extract and Stabilizer

This drink contains 24kcal per 100ml and costs 44p for a 2 litre bottle, whilst i am very well aware that all fizzy juices are bad for kids teeth this must be one of the worst due to the sticky nature of the drink.
its a drink i would recomend you to stay well clear of as i am sure you will be as disapointed with it as i was.

thanks for reading!

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