can anyone help with some advice?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by GeordieSteve, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. There may be a few people in a similar position:

    Does anybody know how easy it is to swap from an officer application to solider application?

    I've applied to be an officer but keep getting told how difficult the recruitment process is, (no doubt this is knocking my confidence before I’ve even heard back from the Careers Office).

    Basically I don't know if I am being to ambitious but I am still interested in going for it. However, if I don't pass the various stages and get invited down to Sandhurst I’d like to pursue a career as a solider in the Army. Does this mean starting from scratch with application form again?

    Thank you
  2. You'll probably have to fill out some new forms because that's the Army for you! Bt if you do indeed fail to cut the mustard at AOSB, it isn't an issue to go in for Soldier selection.

    Best of luck either way!
  3. I thought it would be the case.
    Thank you.
  4. I decided to change my application from Officer to Soldier before I'd even done the Briefing, and it does basically involve starting again from scratch. It can be a long process joining as a soldier as a moment, but I think your choice should depend what you want to be rather than what you think you're capable of. If you want to be an Officer, let AOSB decide on your capability.
  5. Thank you Hobbish, comments are much appreciated.
  6. i heard you can do both. Joke I tried officer flunked, and now soldier passed. Fitness is much much much harder at soldier selection.
  7. No offense intended but I don't think that's true. If I'm not mistaken for males the Officer fitness standards are somewhere around the required level for recruits to the Infantry. Some parts have laxer fitness requirements for Soldier applicants. As far as I'm aware only the Parachute Regiment have tougher initial fitness standards than those for potential Officers.
  8. Bzzz. Incorrect! Thanks for playing.
  9. I believe you can do both applications at the same time but I was advised against it as if I'm a borderline case at main board they may take take that I already have that in the pipeline. That was what the careers office told me.

    I'd try the briefing first, I was surprised at the outcome of mine. You'll do better than you expect to.
  10. Wait, what's a solider?
  11. Right, just to settle this, you can't have 2 applications at the same time. I tried. You also cannot have a Reg & TA app on the go at the same time. Again, I tried.

    If you want to change your app you need to drop your current one and start from scratch. Simples.
  12. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    With advice like that, maybe it is time for you to step away from the Officer forums, and especially the Recruiting area? Hein?
  13. The Officer recruitment process is VERY long at the moment. I started my application in April 2009 (having already met my ACA and had interviews in 2008), after forms + interviews I got my Briefing in September, and after that I rushed through to my Main Board for December and have just passed. March PCCBC and May RMAS entry. Basically a year in total.

    Give the Main Board a try, if you were thinking about Regular it won't affect the boards decision. A chap in my group wanted to be in the Paras, regular or officer and he passed the Main Board.
  14. lol - lots of confusion.

    Anyway, i've completed both applications, so bascially i'll see what happens.

    Tbh, i'm not worried about the fitness. I am more worried about the mental aspects and quick thinking. Not that i'm daft of anything :?
  15. If you do end up joining as a soldier you can still become an officer at a later date. It was offered to me about a year after joining (though I declined!), but I have no idea in the current climate how hard this would be to achieve.