Can anyone help with RLC national unit TA?

Ive just applied to join the national RLC unit and was wondering if anyone serving there could help me with a few questions I have. They are quite hard to get a hold of over the phone and info on web and stuff they sent me doesnt really give much of an insight. Just want to know about recruitment process, selection and choosing a trade really. Anything anyone could tell me would be much appreciated.
Have they sent you the "National TA Recruiting Information Handbook"? It gives you the list of trades and most of the units. People will take the piss but, for example, 531 Squadron do ATO work - which is neither easy or safe, nor for Ginsters over-consumers.

Don't become a Mover, though. Everybody will hate you - even the RAF Movers!
I dont have that handbook just a general booklet about the RLC which is regular and territorial, doesnt really give any good info just very brief overviews of all trades and has a guy on the front looking over his shoulder in C-95s and a beret like an advert for the gay exchange.
I do but closest Para unit is 400 miles from me. 800 mile round trip on a drill night with the sea to cross would show dedication I suppose.
You have filled in the application, next step will be a Recruit Selection weekend. You report Friday night and will be issued coveralls and a coloured bib with a number on it. Sort your bedding and then off to the bar for the rest of the evening. Saturday morning is a briefing and then you will have a full medical and have your documents copied. Saturday afternoon is command tasks, fitness test and your BARB test (search for it on here if you don't know how it works). The BARB test will give you an idea what trade is open to you. Saturday evening is a military lesson and a visit to the gym for the Pti to explain fitness.The end of the evening you end up in the bar. Sunday morning is a follow from the military lesson, more practical this time. Then your mile and a half run. Then Interviews and that's it, horror pack issued and off you go.
Have you got an idea at all what you fancy as a trade?

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