Can anyone help the ladies on MumsNet,


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For fucks sakes are you on drugs? If it comes to a ruck with us and the demented harpies from MumsNet, we're all fucked.

Go back over there and say you are very sorry.
Thats all well and good, but by the very name there'll be a tribe of rugrats in tow.
Standing on Lego bricks in bare feet just ain't funny.
Lets not jump to conclusions! Firstly everyone loves the milf, secondly and more importantly give it a few years the "lil princess" may blossom... Be paitent my mum used to say to me ;)


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Fuck me. I have stumbled into Charlie Chalks Childrens Playground. £15 for a single child, £25 for a family ticket. Tea, coffee and scones are available in the Mumsypoos Cafe and dont miss our Feng Shui Yoga All Men Are Bastards group therapy session on Tuesday morning which you will be able to attend since you dont do any fucking work because you divorced him and shafted the poor fucker for half of everything he owns you whingeing raddled fucking bitch so now you can do the coffee morning and Valium circuit and bleat on to other badly dressed bitter old fat tarts.

Fucking Mumsnet. Fucking twats.
I should have thought that the best course of action was to play the long game, register as a single dad with a suitably appealing profile and conveniently dead wife over whose sad demise you require comfort. The kid could be mildly mongy in a heartrending but non-ugly manner. Maybe suffering a wasting disease.

As its dad, you could be a former underwater knife-fighting megasoldier, who quit to take care of dying wife/sick child, and has taken up a career counselling dying youngsters. Throw in lines like "the conflicts of the human mind can be every bit as hard and dangerous as the conflicts of war".

Be careful not to drown in the tsunami of clunge-juice.
For fucks sakes are you on drugs? If it comes to a ruck with us and the demented harpies from MumsNet, we're all fucked.

Go back over there and say you are very sorry.
I'm with ''im. The last thing we want is to be inundated with an inshore squadron of the grim faced and sexually deprived.

And there may well be perfectly good reasons why they are lacking slipping, sliding and pumping. We don't need to find out the hard way.

I'd post a link to a really filthy website so the OP can work out his frustrations without reference to the devils minions, but it's agin the rules.

I am tempted to have a one night stand/fling/whatever just to have my wicked way, but i did this a lot when i was younger, and now im nearly 30 i feel too old/responsible to do it all again!, I better keep my comments to myself on this one...
Some of that mumsnet thread makes scary reading, makes the naafi look tame..
Really? When I read it I assumed that sort of attitude to life was why her husband left her.
Totally agree.

Oooh, I wonder if it's our favourite blogger?
Go and look at the teenage section where they post about their teenage children. If these women are anything like they say their kids are they are utter filth and probably up for mother/daughter threesomes.

Get in there chaps.

PS: Don't mention anything about the army though:

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I think we've been rumbled chaps.
The afore mentioned thread has been deleted. Probably all the increased traffic has aroused thier early warning trolling shield.
Prepare for some incoming.

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