Can anyone help PEL JOB digger

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by sfm, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. sfm


    Hi everyone joined up to see if I can get some help with a PEL JOB Digger i'm having problems with, the engine was running fine but had not been started for about 6 months, with the ignition on or off there is a big button on the back of the injector pump that keeps popping in and out when I start the engine if it pops in the engine cuts out, if I hold the button out it will keep running, any ideas why this button should pop in and out??
    Thanks in advance Steve
  2. Not familiar with Pel Job diggers, and you haven't said what make of engine, but two possibilities come to mind.

    Either: Button is the solenoid to shut off fuel and stop the engine when key is turned off. You might hear this click as you turn the key on and off. Check for any loose connections or broken wires.

    Or: Button is part of the automatic air bleed on the pump. If machine has been standing a long time there could be too much air in the fuel line for the automatic bleed to cope with. Should be a manual bleed as well, a lever or rubber bulb. Have a look for this and try it.

    If engine runs OK when you hold the button out, its possibly the first option.
  3. Another thread on the internet ( Pel job sirius 1.4t engine only runs for a few - FixYa ) suggests that your fluid levels may be too low. Presumably the sensors are wired into the fuel solenoid to stop the engine to prevent damage/injury.

    You did first parade it, didn't you?
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  4. sfm


    Parade it? what does this mean?
  5. The answer will depend on whether you're a civvy or a POM.
  6. sfm


  7. OK. In the forces, there's a procedure that requires checking any type of mechanical equipment. It comes in three forms, commonly referred to as First Parade (done before using the equipment), Halt Parade (done at intervals when the machine isn't working) and Last Parade (when the machine is finished for the shift).

    First Parade comprises a visual check (count the wheels, make sure there's glass in the windscreen, no pools of oil underneath, etc.) followed by checking fluid levels (brakes, coolant, hydraulics, windscreen washer, etc) then you start the engine in order to check the electrical system (lights, indicators, horn, fan, etc). There's a sequence to it so that you don't do stuff like start the engine with no oil in it or flatten your battery by checking your electrics without the engine running.

    The Halt Parade is similar but misses out stuff that you can't do with an engine that's just been turned off. So rather than dipping for engine oil, you'll check for leaks instead. It's done to give confidence that something hasn't gone wrong while you've been working.

    The Last Parade is virtually the same as the Halt Parade but is done to give confidence that the machine will work for the next user.

    If you'd been a POM (Plant Operator/Mechanic), you'd get your arse kicked for reporting an engine starting/running problem if you hadn't checked the fluids.
  8. I have to ask why you are asking about a digger on an Army/forces website ? as a civy not the first logical place to go to I would have thought.

    Post 3 gives you the most likely cause , the item you are talking about is the stop soleniod