Can anyone help me?


I have my RCB booked for the 11th - 15th May. I got a CAT 1 on the breifing and was pleased with that.

One thing I slightly worried at is that I have lost the examples of the planning exercises they gave us at the briefing. Therefore I was wondering if anyone has or knows where I may get some more from. If anyone has any advise / tips / examples of the planning ex. please can you let me know!

My ACA is sending me one, but I would like as many as possible so that I get the format right.

A few more questions...they say you need to learn nots - any ones in particular for those of you who have done RCB.

Also is there a internet site / book with some planning exercises and leaderless tasks examples?

Any help would be great!

What's this? They gave you examples of Planexs?
I didn't see heads or tails of one before I got to RCB. Certainly not one to take away with me, anyway. I had some strange scenario about Hoopoo eggs... It's a lot of information to take in, but make sure you do. Also, make sure you can justify any and all decisions you make, and be prepared for a good grilling!
All I'll say mate, is equip yourself with some common sense. Knots aren't essential. If someone in your group knows how to tie knots well, then use him. You'll be demonstrating use of an individual's skill.
Anyway, good luck with it!
Give me a reason as to why you should get a heads up on the rest of the board!! You may call it initiative and preperation I call it bluffing the system.....................That said good luck anyway. Oh and when/if you get to a field unit...then you'll start learning!!!! :D
Don't over-stress yourself by studying too much. Just go in, think of your key factors and influences of your plan and stick to it. When you are grilled, justify your decision - you are supposed to be the leader and therefore show conviction behind your decision. That's where the points are. Be confident - not cocky. And remember - if you are team leader and you don't know: ask your team. There may be someone there who has done it before - he/she should be your 2IC - delegate them to sort it. Make sure you have lots of concurrent activity and always appear to know what you're doing. GOOD LUCK!

P.S. - If it's in Westbury - stay away from The Bell and The Castle. Wander into the market square and drink in those pubs (Not the Ludlow!).
the worse thing you can do is actually plan a planex, the whole point is taht it shows how your mind works, your not meant to get the DS answer

On my board we had a guy who said that the 'africans' should be left to fight the 'war' and the 'whites' should get the evacuation places 8O

Very dangerous but he argued his case and passed!!

Dont try to plan cos if on the day its different to the one youve practiced they youll flap. And anyways whos going to mark it!! Practice instead on the other areas like lecturettes and current affairs, while not as important as the Planex they could swing it for you

Anyway you shouldnt go in with an unfair advantage, its just not cricket

Good luck anyway
Cheers guys - will take the above advise!

One more thing - any know if they will contact my Uni for a reference cos I kinda pissed my course leader off by gettng very pissed at my leaving dinner and telling him how useless he was!

Needless to say I regret this! I didn't put him down, obviously, on the reference list but was wondering if they contacted them anyway.

Cheers again!
They'll go to the CO of your OTC unit for a reference if they want one. Generally, I believe they're quite happy with the two references that you put down.
Good call bi'...blimey what do we shell out on these goon's education for? Of course we could be looking at the wrong end of the telescope here...he might actually MEAN nots, as in do NOT shovel peas with your fork, do NOT dilute your whisky with cola and do NOT click your fingers at the stewards in the Mess. Only his mother would love him! :wink:

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