Can Anyone Help Me?!

Discussion in 'Officers' started by LittleOleMe, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. Hi!

    Wondering if anyone could help me... I've lost touch with alot of people I used to ork alongside/for as a younger bod when my dad was in the army.... its been ten years since I last spoke to any of them... Anyone any suggestions - or are you any of them?!! I helped out ith the regimental Polo Team!!
  2. welcome to ARRSE, slightly random first post, where was your dad based? which regt polo team? a bit more info than:

    'my dad was in the army do you know me' might help!!
  3. "helped out with the gegt polo team" is a anagram for - can't ride properly ..ffnnaarrrrrr
  4. Yup a clue, which regimental polo team where? :D

    The joys of being a Pads Brat!!
  5. And there was me trying to be subtle too!! Was with KRH, Munster posting
  6. I was in Munster in 1986-88 but I dont remember you! :twisted:
  7. :lol: :lol: Stables down the back of Camp? Werent they old converted Garages?

    8O Nope no idea! Had you said 16 years ago I might have been able to help :roll:
  8. Aaah... I left ten years ago.... but was there for six years before that...

    Yes, the stables were converted tank hangers!!
  9. Which lines was that?
  10. Pardon the ignorance GDav... what do you mean by lines? Pony Lines.... or am I really being thick?!!
  11. Are you pretty?
  12. Which Kaserne mate?
  13. why not try forcesreunited or whatever it's called (!!?)
  14. Opinions vary Queensman.... why do you ask?!!
  15. I'm very familiar with York Kaserne but I left there in 1985/6. KRH weren't there then it was QRIH with 17/21L at Swinton Kaserne.