Can anyone help me pack? :D

Going on a cadet camp on saturday morning, and have got all the standard kit with the addition of an Assault Vest/ Webbing/ Day sack combo. Anyone got any ideas on extras to take. The camp is in Thetford / Wretham in Norfolk.

Money always comes in handy. As does the menus for the local pizza delivery/kebab delivery/curry delivery outfits. Delete as applicable to suit taste. I have seen take out meals be delivered to folks on ex. I have also wandered down from a hill-top rebro site to the nearest fish and chippy shop in more or less full uniform, so things like that do go on.

Apart from that, first aid kit, decent knife, head-torch and filters, and decent socks would be on my list.

Got the First aid kit and a pretty decent swiss army knife (we aren't allowed locking knives), just the torch i need really. Used to have one of those 'L' shaped ones, but the switch detatched itself somehow. Seems that only the older cadets, say 16-18 can order in food. And of course the Serjeants. (yes i am in a Rifles Detatchment)
Torch wise Tescos does a small Cyberlite type headlight, it wont break the bank.
Money as there will always be some drama that requires a cash injection.

Dhobi powder, Ipod, camera.

I'd also advise you to take a chastity belt to prevent unwanted **** rape from your instructors.
Squash ball to use in place of sink plug.

Light bulb.

Bog roll.

Black bags.
Thetford? Don't forget your banjo and a few pairs of six fingered gloves to barter for sex.
Where is your batman? He should be taking care of such mundane matters.
I'd also advise you to take a chastity belt to prevent unwanted **** rape from your instructors.
In case that can't be found in time: Condoms and KY, remember what they say: "If rape is inevitable relax and enjoy..."
Smokes, porn and cider should cover everything.
Thetford !!!! make sure you take a large crucifix, garlic and modify your 5.56 to fire silver bullets. You will require all of these just to visit the local pub. If you are not old enough to drink, don't worry, you will still need them in case one of your AIs sells your ass to Satan...the Harrier Strip, ....West Tofts..... perpare to believe...

On the up side, it's very flat.


Kit Reviewer
If you are doing yomping its fine as its just flat marshland. A good knife would be very good and if there is space pack thos spare time thngs ;)
When I was in the cadets the instructors always insisted we carried condoms for carrying water, latex gloves to wear whilst treating casualties and plenty of Vaseline to prevent rubbing and stop blisters forming.

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