Can Anyone help me out here?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SoldierBeesley, Sep 22, 2007.

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  1. Well to cut a long story short, I was sent back home from ADSC glencourse to see a specialist because I was defeared (spelling) for a heart murmur, anyway i got it checked out and I was fine.

    the guys ate ACO in Manchester said you will probably waiting about 3 weeks for a letter telling me when i can next go up to Scotland for selection again, but that was start/mid August.

    getting in touch via phone with the ACO in Manchester is like trying to get blood from a stone and travelling down there is very difficult from where I live, has anyone else had to wait a long time for this so called 'letter'? Im hoping to make Harrogate AFC in January, that will be my last chance as im 17 in March and i really want to go there..

    So can anyone offer me any advice or tell me what you did in this situation?

    Thanks to whoever replys with serious suggestions

  2. Try the 'recruiting' page.
  3. I think you're gonna have to go mate.

    I got deferred from Glencorse with the same problem at the beginning of August, I was back there, and passed on the 31st August. So my guess is maybe you've been overlooked?
  4. SB,

    The ACIO is the only source of information for you. Have you found an e-mail address for them? Or write a letter asking for further information. Even the GPO will manage to deliver a letter within 3 days!

    Good Luck!

  5. Thanks guys, I guess im going to have to make the trip down there then, seeing as it is my future and carreer choice, I dont see why this letter is taking so long to come though :mad:
  6. the problem with most ACIO's is that most of the guys working in there are at the end of there career in the army so you have to keep naging them to get them to do anything.

    go back into your ACIO and ask them about it. It will show them that you are comited and not just another time waster
  7. Try the ACIO again. The Army is having a shake out and focussing on recruiting at the mo, so keep persuing them until you get an answer.
  8. Sorry - was never in that situation :twisted:
  9. Hey people,
    Well I finally managed to get hold of someone at the office in Manchester via phone (omg I hear you say) and i told the guy at the other end my situation, so he said ok mate let me bring your records up... anyway to cut another long story short he brought up my records and he said to me that my recruiter had WITHDRAWN my application..

    At this point I wanted to cry and go down my street with a 12 inch kitchen knife and stab every f***** who got in my way..

    But being such a nice person i am, I stormed down to the ACIO (which i mentioned earlier, is not the easiest place to get to) and once again explained the situation to the guy at the desk...

    he had brought my records up on the computer screen and i seen a note which my recruiter had left on my records saying 'I do not wish to speak to this applicant regarding the application'

    I demanded to seak to him immediatley (he was in an ACIO in Wigan) and after many costly minutes on the phone I managed to get my application 're-activated'... he also said to me that I was sent two letters telling me I was able to go back up to Scotland for selection again, but I had never recieved them. Also I was told i had never made any effort to contact them over this matter, which is complete bull-shit because I rang every morning...

    Anyway, this has hopefully put an end to this 'dead end' that i have hit with my application into the Army. if you acctually managed to read to the end of this, CONGRATULATIONS!

    Any negative comments towards the ACIO in manchester will be accepted.

    Rant over

    Thank you
  10. Oddly enough Ive heard nothing but good about the Manc office, but then again, theres always the odd one they feck up. Any way good luck with getting to harrogate in jan, its not a bad place to end up (the naafi used to be ok at any rate).
  11. to be fair scubba_angel this is the first time since the start of my application where anything has gone wrong, apart from them not answering the phones ever, but this was a major **** up, as it could of cost me my place at harrogate in January...