Can anyone help - LECB question

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by YouMuppet, Jun 5, 2004.

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  1. Can anyone give me the low down on the LECB in Jan next year. May have a go in a few years time but when I speak to people at my place the just blank you and say it was easy ! Can anyone let me know the format, what happens, what they are looking for and what i could do to prepare for it. Oh and also how do you apply for it !

    Any replies welcome............YouMuppet
  2. I recall an ex-YofS gloating that he was in competition with a bunch of RD WO1s, therefore it was a doddle.

    I think it's like the FofS/YofS/SupvrIS/SupvrR selection boards but without command tasks and with more interviews. Let's face it - your CRs are clearly critical. Without gleaming CRs you're fighting a losing battle.
  3. Can't understand why he should gloat - YofS get commissioned onto the the Traffic Officer rosta and the RDs onto the RD rosta of which there are set spaces for each rosta, so who cares! People are commissioned on merit and i would like to bet they already have a good idea who they are going to commission prior to the LECB anyhow. There are high class RD WO1s as there are YofS and FofS so berating a particular career stream - although entertaining - actually means feck all.
  4. I'm not berating them. Or do you mean the ex-YofS?
  5. At the start of the LECB, the board members conduct a paper board using your P File, CRs, etc.....

    You are then literally in a pecking order for your respective rosta (YofS, FofS, RD etc…)

    There are then 2 specific phases that the individual participates in: -

    1. The Assessment:- written work, discussion groups, presentations etc…

    2. The Interview.

    Each of these 2 areas are marked and can alter the score given to you on the paper board up or down 10 %.

    Therefore you can be sat at the top of your rosta being the “dead cert” for commissioning and drop 20% for having a crap week.

    On the other hand you can start fairly low down the pecking order after the paper board and play an absolute belter thus increasing your score by 20%.

    If people are dropping a full 20% at the same time as others are gaining a full 20% then this is actually a fairly significant shift in scores and ultimately places in the pecking order.

    You only have to look at the results in recent years to see how many of the dead certs from the places where the RSM (or YofS & FofS etc) always get commissioned to see that the LECB is not just an attendance (any more) !
  6. Cheers yosser.

    The written work ? is is the normal appreciation ? and the rest is fairly standard for yossa fossa stuff ?
  7. Sorry PD I meant the ex YofS.
  8. Yosser, That sounds good and I am sure works quite well on borderline cases however, call me cynical but...... I still think it rests on the $64K question "Would i drink with him/her in the Offrs' Mess" answer "Yes" excellant you're in, pass GO and collect three pips - Huzzah!
  9. I know a bit about this after being a DS on one of the more recent events ( although I was briefed recently there were some subtle changes this past Jan)

    Yosser is spot on (nearly) The first part is CRs and course reports, AFB225A and the application (AFB 7211 - not sure of the number exactly). P Files are not used, there is no information available that isn't on your report book! This is followed by syndicate assessment and the big change here is a Staff Planning exercise instead of an appreciation. This is followed by an Interview ( normally 1 Brig and 4 Colonels ( with one Colonel from a different Corps to ensure no private deals)

    The 10% thing is spot on, but when you think about compound variation it can be as much as 22% up or 18% down ( and before you FofS bofins do calculus it is approximate OK!!).

    I dare say the question of would this man fit into the mess is on the minds of the board but we in R SIGNALS are a pretty broad church anyhow and a high scoring candidate would not be refused just because he is loud or whatever.

    To answer the original question about how to apply:
    First you must be recommended in your latest CR
    You must be a WO1 or outstanding WO2
    You then submit a AFB 7211 ( still not sure of the number)
    Next the unit raises a AFB 225A which has a 1* star input so may need an interview with the Brigadier ( whoever is in your CR chain)
    A filter board will sit and select the 50 or so candidates who come to the actual LECB.

    I have been a part of it and I think it is a very fair and open mechanism. The bottom line is we do not have enough space for all applicants so must have a process of selecting the best and CRs alone is not good enough.

    Good luck YouMuppet :wink: :wink: